Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food consists of lentils, rice and vegetable. Spices are added to give a distinctive taste.

Their food routine are as follows:


Idly (steamed rice cakes)

Dosai (a pancake made from a batter of rice) and lentils crisp fried on a pan

Vada (deep fried doughnuts made from a batter of lentils)

Rice Roti (rice powder and white rice mixed together)

Thamputtu (banana, white jaggery, ellu and gram dal)

Uppittu (cooked semolina seasoned in oil with mustard, pepper, cumin seeds and dry lentils).

Lunch consists of cooked rice served with an array of vegetable dishes, sambar, chutneys, rasam (a hot broth made with tamarind juice and pepper) and curd (yogurt). For a non - vegetarian lunch, curries or dishes cooked with mutton, chicken or fish is included. The meal is incomplete without crisp pappads.

In Kodagu, which is the coffee land of India, the making of filter coffee is a ritual for the coffee beans has to be first roasted and then ground. The powder is then put into a filter set and boiling hot water is added to prepare the decoction and allowed to set for about 15mins. The decoction is then added to milk with sugar to taste. The final drink is poured from one container to another in rapid succession to make the ideal frothy cup of filter coffee.